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Historic England Viewpoint and Guidelines...

Historic England is a public body in the UK that provides advice on preserving and conserving historic buildings, including their windows. In regards to retaining and restoring timber windows, Historic England generally recommends that original timber windows be preserved wherever possible, as they are an important part of the character and historical significance of a building.

According to Historic England, the best approach to preserving timber windows is to repair them, rather than replacing them with new windows. This approach helps to retain the original design and materials, preserving the character and heritage of the building. Repairing windows is also considered to be more environmentally friendly than replacing them with new windows.

Historic England provides guidelines on repairing timber windows, including advice on appropriate techniques and materials, as well as recommendations for specialist contractors. They also provide advice on how to balance the need to retain original features with the requirement to improve the energy efficiency of a building.

Historic England stringently supports the preservation of original timber windows, and advises that the best approach is to repair them, rather than replace them with new windows, whenever possible.

Historic England provides guidelines for the repair of historic timber windows, which are as follows:

  • Minimal Intervention: The aim should be to retain as much of the original material and design as possible, with repairs carried out only where necessary.

  • Use of Appropriate Techniques: Repairs should be carried out using traditional techniques, such as mortise and tenon joints, and traditional materials, such as lime putty, should be used where possible.

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of windows should be carried out to ensure that they remain in good condition and reduce the need for more extensive repairs in the future.

  • Professional Advice: Where significant repairs are required, professional advice should be sought to ensure that the repair work is carried out correctly and in accordance with best practice.

  • Replacement Parts: Where replacement parts are required, such as sash cords, they should be made using traditional materials and techniques, and should be compatible with the original design.

  • Energy Efficiency: Improvements to the energy efficiency of historic windows should be made where necessary, but should not compromise the historic character of the building or the original design of the windows.

  • Specialist Contractors: Specialist contractors with expertise in historic window repair should be used where necessary, and their work should be subject to regular inspections to ensure that it meets the required standards.

The guidelines provided by Historic England for repairing historic timber windows emphasize the importance of retaining original material and design, using appropriate techniques and materials, and seeking professional advice where necessary. The aim is to ensure that repairs are carried out correctly and in a way that respects the character and heritage of the building.

At Back to Beautiful, we aim to match these requirements and professionally carry out engagements that adhere to best quality standards - for the long term.

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