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free healthcheck

We offer a FREE no-obligation healthcheck for your timber windows. This inspection is intended to provide an insight into the current health of your windows and provide the basis for maintenance guidance and planning. The report is subject to visibility, access and environmental constraints that are present at the point of carrying out the inspection.

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1:  General Operation

Check for the general  operation of the window. Are they opening and closing freely. Do the windows hold position reliably as they should,

3:  Window Alignment

Are the windows aligned correctly with minimal side-to-side movement that could cause problems. Are the windows correctly aligned front-to-back.

5:  Sill and Window Frame Rot

Wood rot (especially in aged windows) can be very disruptive to the overall operation and condition of wooden windows. We check for sight evidence.

7:  Window Furniture Condition

Ensuring that the condition of locks, handles and related window furniture is working as required, attached correctly and ensures security.

9:  Draught and Noise Proofing

Mid-rail and parting bead gaps, correct fitting of draught proofing, snug window closure and climate dependent checks as available.

2:  Rope and Pulley Condition

Are the ropes intact and in good condition without undue wear. Are window pulleys operating freely and aligned correctly.

4:  Paintwork and Condition

Is the paintwork and general décor of the windows in good condition and free from flaking, cracks and water ingress.

6:  Mid-Rail Positioning

Again, a common issue with the correct and smooth operation of windows, we ensure that the mid-rails meet with minimal discrepancy.

8:  Window Panes

Checking the condition of the panes that make up the windows. Chips, cracks, loose and incomplete putty, gaps in glazing bars.

10: Staff and Parting Bead Condition

General environment condition across staff and parting beads, secure attachment, placement free from rot, draught proofed.

Our experts will visit to carry out a thorough investigation across your windows and will provide you with a completely free specialist report. This report will cover the condition of each window along with any specific recommendations and estimate of costs that would be associated with remediation activities to bring your beautiful windows back to their best.


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